My paintings have evolved since 2000 to be more than simply my style or a method I've developed - they are a visual and philosophical representation of who I am. You can't tell by looking at me, but I grew up on a ranch in Crested Butte, Colorado. Over the years, I have been through a lot of experiences that have shaped my outlook that enjoying the present is the only way I want to live.

Whether it was an emerging color, scratch, crack, shape or length of a stroke or simply redefining a known shape or image, I feel exactly at home and comfortable with imperfection over perfection. It's why I prefer to paint with both a roughness and looseness - I hope to remain free and at peace with what is. When I look at a perfectly painted plaster wall, for instance, I see a something that is forced to be or look a certain way, which is constricting and limiting. However, when I look at a plaster wall that is fading and cracking, I see something that is breaking free and is becoming what is more genuine and free and interesting to those who experience it.

This is how I've always preferred to paint, but, then, I created a way to add even more complexity and depth to what I am trying to communicate. With Tiered Painting, I am able to hide a painting inside another and then bring out the hidden one using LED lights. So I can now not only show the complexity of a wall, but I can also show what is behind or beyond it. This revolutionary method of painting gives me an opportunity to communicate the same truths painters have communicated for thousands of years but in a new way that is more complex and complete. Since 2015, I have been developing this new method and testing different ways to use it. I can't begin to express the excitement and inspiration I feel, knowing that I'm just now beginning the path to see where Tiered Painting and my work will take me, and, hopefully, my followers, too.